Data Center Design and Implementation

Data Center Design and Implementation

We, Optimal Technology Ltd (OTL) have a proven process for helping clients quickly migrate into new data center spaces by offering comprehensive design, build, fill services. Our reputation is backed by over 15 years of experience deploying advanced technology infrastructures.

The heart of a company’s infrastructure is its data center; it’s where the most IT investment is made and where small decisions can have a large impact long after implementation. In an industry where change is constant — expansions, consolidations, relocations, and migrations — an unforeseen event can have a catastrophic impact on business. A solid design by industry experts assures the optimal performance of your business. Align has over 15 years of operational excellence designing and building flexible technology infrastructures to help you plan and manage data center change.

Adding a complex data center migration project to an already taxed staff burdens your resources and introduces the risk of project delay, possible outages, costly errors, and compromised delivery. A mistake in a data center migration leads to downtime, loss of data and ultimately revenue loss and damage to your trusted reputation.

Align has the experience to guide you through the process of designing a data center to meet the current needs of your enterprise and plan for future business requirements. Our expert team of designers will help you choose from our standard designs to make the decisions that are right for you.

After developing a plan for your space, we can quickly build the infrastructure to your specifications using our proven tools and process to migrate your data and equipment. We deliver a successful implementation and minimize the impact on your business.

We help design Data Center architecture that is salable and adaptable, dramatically reducing time and complexity from concept and design through installation.

  • Design and plan
  • UPS, Power distribution, Cooling
  • Racks deployment planning
  • Security and management software
  • Easy to configure and deploy
  • Adaptable to your changing business needs
  • High Performance