Online UPS for Data Center 10kVA

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  • MTN-Plus has faster response, more reliable protection by adopting hardware circuit current-limiting on rectifier and inverter sections
  • 3-level inverter. Support any kinds of load in the power range: Air conditioner/Laser printer/Fans/6-pulse load
  • MTN-plus greatly reduces the voltage stress of input PFC switching components, increase the overall working efficiency by adopting PFC soft switching circuit technology.
  • Electric stress on switching on or off UPS is reduced by 50%, inverter working efficiency increases efficiently, support all kinds of load by adopting 3-level inverter technology.
  • Overall efficient is increased gently, less power consumption on small load, effective efficiency reaches over 93% on full load.
  • With mobile network monitoring function, developed, end user can monitor and supervise UPS functioning and running with mobile device any time anywhere.
  • Stable output voltage wave form, more accurate output range: 220V+/-1%


Online UPS for Data Center 10kVA is an uninterruptible power supply incorporating double-conversion technology. It provides perfect protection specifically for a strict load. The double-conversion principle eliminates all mains power disturbances. A rectifier converts the alternating current from the socket outlet to direct flow. This direct current charges the batteries and powers the inverter. In the event of power failure, the maintenance-free batteries power the inverter. Thus the inverter generates a sine wave AC power, which permanently supplies the loads.
Designed with the proven on-line, double conversion architecture, this series of UPS offers the most significant degree of availability in power protection and provides continuous high-quality AC power to connect a strict load, especially for the necessary equipment in some areas as finance, communication, government, traffic, manufacture, education and so on.

3-Level Inverter Technology, Part Number: MTN-Plus 1110-05S

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